This is our way to negotiate the art you desire sold.
Instead of sale by auction we contact clients from our portfolio.
No artist likes to end in an auction,
this is where we come in – direct, but discreet.
For price information and purchase, please contact us.
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Vebjørn Sand: Post Mortem (Oil, 145/120)

Per Lundgren: Kragerø (Oil, 175/140)

Edvard Munch: Alfa & Omega (Lithography, 29/35 – 60/79 frame)

Sverre Koren Bjertnæs: title unknown (Oil, 33/35)

Natalie Holland: Man braiding his hair (Oil, 100/120)

Natalie Holland: Woman with snake (Oil, 95/105)

Harald Kolderup: Selvportrett i elva (Oil, 80/100) .

Eser Afacan: Breakfast (Oil, d/120)

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