PAN is Norway’s gallery for contemporary, figurative and narrative painting, sculpture and photography. Our aim is to discover young talents and exhibit their best and latest works.

The gallery was founded in January 2009. For three years we held shows in St. Olavs gate 7 in Oslo. Since 2012, the gallery’s profile has changed and we have now enlarged our playground. Pan is no longer only a local, Oslo-based gallery. Today we are more a cosmopolitan project gallery and a fine-art agency for professionals and newcomers.

PAN – Event, is our new field of expertise. We scout magnificent places for our exclusive group of exhibitors, and launch the shows with professional partners and opening events such as the annual Easter exhibition at Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo; our Summer exhibition in Stavern; The Autumn Show (Norsk Høstutstilling) in Oslo together with shortly announced single shows and international fairs.

Application: If you would like to apply for an exhibition, please contact us with your CV and digital images of 10 works. (Preferred file formats: PDF and JPG).

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